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Multi - Crew Pilot License (MPL) 

Brief description of the course:


The course is designed for those who have no previous flying experience like the integrated ATPL. To enter the course it is always necessary to successfully pass the selection process (screening). For the successful ones the whole course starts with the ATPL (A) theory. This is followed by several practical stages also containing a small single engine piston plane syllabus of Private Pilot License training (PPL), Instrument Rating, Multi-Crew Cooperation course (MCC), Jet Oriented Course etc. with Threat and Error Management (TEM) and Crew Resource Management (CRM) embedded through all these stages. The Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) Training course incorporates airline specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) from an early stage of the training and this requires an airline to mentor pre-selected cadets through a bespoke course and into type, base and line training on a specific aircraft from where line training and employment with the mentoring airline commences.

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